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Communist China in Texas: Education Infestation

Bias, indoctrination, and hostility toward self-governance present in the state’s education system has shocked and outraged Texans, resulting in demands for their public servants to act at local and state levels. As Texas Scorecard has illuminated throughout this...


Communist China in Texas: Confucius Institutes

In recent years, the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have become increasingly vocal about their intent and desire to infiltrate and manipulate  the West to its own benefit. As part of this effort, the CCP has attempted to infiltrate institutions of higher...

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Property Tax Fighter Targeted by Bureaucrat

Exorbitant property taxes continue to torment Texans, pushing people out of their homes and making homeownership a distant dream for the young. “Currently, Texas ‘boasts’ the sixth highest property tax burden in the United States. Property taxes themselves have...