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Pushing Hate: Wokeness Invades Texas

A cultural virus has mutated and infected Texas’ governments at the state and local level. It is breeding bigotry, anti-citizenship, and hostile work environments. Previously, Texas Scorecard reported on a cultural virus’ infestation in the private sector and the...


Pushing Hate: ‘The Woke Mind Virus’

A poisonous cultural virus is infecting Texas. Its damage—and warning—is well catalogued elsewhere in America. “Woke” was once just the past tense form of the word “wake.” In modern times, it means something completely different: being a social justice warrior. In...


Life or Death: Texas’ Unstable Power Grid

Despite assurances to the contrary, records indicate that Texas’ power grid remains unstable. Electricity generation is lately taken for granted in the Western world. Few living today can imagine life without it. But it is more than just a convenience for smartphones...

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Texas Mafia: Corruption Profiteers

In Texas, state lawmakers have set up a corrupt system where school boards can craft crony deals to favor some businesses with lower property taxes. This corruption has created an entire industry that profits off of cronyism. Compounding the little guy, everyday...

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Texas Mafia: Supporting Wokeness

A mafia system of corruption by the Texas Legislature not only empowers school districts to extort money while granting tax breaks to a favored few, but it also helps support certain woke corporations. Throughout this series, Texas Scorecard has uncovered how school...


Texas Mafia: Formalized Extortion

“This is how it's gonna work. I'm gonna take 20 percent a week. … We're partners. You make the money, and I make sure you keep it.” These are the words of Dwight Manfredi, a fictional mafioso in the Sylvester Stallone-starring series "Tulsa King." Manfredi said these...

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Texas Mafia: Schools and Corrupt Cronyism

A mafia-like system exists in Texas that empowers school districts to cut sweetheart deals for developers while the majority of taxpayers struggle. Who's being favored? An investigation of these deals revealed the types of businesses benefiting include a foreign-owned...

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