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Communist China in Texas: Spies in State Government

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) drones are embedded in Texas government, representing a clear and present danger to Texans’ security. Weeks ago, the Biden administration permitted a CCP spy balloon to leave China, enter American airspace, and conduct surveillance over...


Pushing Hate: Woke War in Texas

A cultural virus’ latest mutation has infected Texas governments at multiple levels, even reaching into the state library. There’s a high risk to the state’s culture if public servants do not eradicate this virus. Throughout this investigative series, Texas Scorecard...

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Pushing Hate: Wokeness Invades Texas

A cultural virus has mutated and infected Texas’ governments at the state and local level. It is breeding bigotry, anti-citizenship, and hostile work environments. Previously, Texas Scorecard reported on a cultural virus’ infestation in the private sector and the...


Pushing Hate: ‘The Woke Mind Virus’

A poisonous cultural virus is infecting Texas. Its damage—and warning—is well catalogued elsewhere in America. “Woke” was once just the past tense form of the word “wake.” In modern times, it means something completely different: being a social justice warrior. In...