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Opposing tax increases is not the be-all of conservatism

Earlier this week Texans for Fiscal Responsibility released Texas’ most important conservative scorecard of legislator performance for the latest session. Michael Quinn Sullivan titled his summary of the report “Lack of Responsibility” and I couldn’t agree more. I say the scorecard demonstrates that fiscal responsibility took a back seat to pleasing internal political interests this […]

By |August 15, 2013
Know the “effective rate” to judge local tax rate changes

It’s local budget time and all over Texas I see the distortions of city and county elected officials ignorantly passed along by local members of the media. Time and again I read quotes of officials talking about how they are giving local taxpayers a break by either slightly lowering the or not raising the tax […]

By |August 13, 2013
TEA’s new school ratings “need improvement”

Today I detailed for listeners all the schools that did not meet the state’s new so-called accountability standards. It was easy to do in a half-hour because the “standards” are so low, and the new reporting system so vague, that few schools show up as not having “met standards”.

By |August 8, 2013
Moronic: Texas transportation funding plan

There is an issue being debated in second called session of the 83rd Texas Legislature that will affect us in the pocketbook and politically for our foreseeable future. It has to do with a terrible way of funding spending growth for state transportation projects. Joe Straus’ big-spending House leaders are reportedly afraid we will “view […]

By |July 11, 2013
Texas GOP senators surrender Step by Ugly Step

At the end of the first called session of the 83rd Texas Legislature, Texas Democrats demonstrated Tuesday night and Wednesday morning what those of us who are not burdened with self-enforced ignorance have always known about the Left: The Rule of Law and all other devices of a civil society are to be ignored when […]

By |June 26, 2013
Legislators feed bad management at TxDOT

“We need to be realistic with the taxpayers … and tell them it’s going to take more money to fix this problem,” said Sen. Kevin Eltife of Tyler. Eltife and other senators claim that we’ve refused to pass enough taxes to pay for a modern road system and have voted for a plan to cut […]

By |June 19, 2013