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Sen. Duncan plays the populist, ignorantly.

According to Lubbock’s Mudslide Media, state Senator Robert “Duncan suggested some of his fellow politicians have solicited votes in conservative parts of the state by attacking opponents as being “liberal,” rather than studying real issues. “We have dumbed down our elections,” he said. “It’s a race to say who’s the most conservative.” Actually it’s Duncan […]

By |January 16, 2014
Aycock & Seliger: Feeble men with big titles.

State Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock, with his over-the-top whining guest column in the Texas Tribune in which he yammered on about how unfair it was for conservative-leaning legislative watchdog groups to rate his brand of conservatism poorly, demonstrated himself to be little more than a pillock with a big title. Not only did he make […]

By |January 8, 2014
HD83 challenger Massengale begins by dissembling

Steve Massengale is the civic cheerleader candidate for Texas House District 83. He’s challenging conservative standout, and appropriations committee member, Charles Perry in the Republican Primary. Massengale has little history being a Republican and zero history as a conservative. He’s launched his campaign for the House by dissembling in a manner that should cause responsible […]

By |December 9, 2013
Wendy Davis’ words support Greg Abbott’s charge

After officially filing for a place on the Republican Primary ballot seeking the Party’s nomination for Texas Governor, Greg Abbott is reported by the Texas Tribune to have said: “Texas is not ready to go down the pathway of this ultra-Washington, D.C., California-style liberalism that Wendy Davis represents. If Texans want to keep Texas conservative, […]

By |November 12, 2013
Lubbock DA chooses to not enforce state law

If the report by James Clark at everythinglubbock.com is correct about the Lubbock County District Attorney making a deal with Texas abortion providers to not prosecute them for violations of state law, the concept of prosecutorial discretion has been stretched to a new length and to a point which makes a mockery of the Rule […]

By |October 23, 2013
Prop. 7 removes power from citizens, vote “No”

Proposition 7 on the upcoming Texas Constitutional Amendment election is being sold as something that saves home-rule cities money but, at what cost? The ballot wording is: “The constitutional amendment authorizing a home-rule municipality to provide in its charter the procedure to fill a vacancy on its governing body for which the unexpired term is […]

By |October 15, 2013
Texas CPS should clean up its act

What’s going on with Texas Child Protective Services? No doubt most at the agency are hard working folk trying to protect children from bad situations but, in the last couple of years enough bad things have been alleged to make you wonder if there is a culture problem within the agency. The latest story comes […]

By |October 3, 2013
Texas GOP legislators growing government

At political blog sandstormscholar.com, the following was posted about the 83rd Legislature: “State legislators are making the rounds touting the bills they passed. We wonder when we’re going to get less, not more. Instead of more laws how about fewer? An agenda of repeal would be nice. The newly remodeled Texas Water Development Board is […]

By |August 21, 2013