Commentary: Why Voting Local Matters
Commentary: Why Voting Local Matters

In today’s political climate, where our leaders in Washington seem to place a higher priority on “made-for-TV drama” as opposed to collaboration and promotion of good public policy, I have come to realize one thing…



Taxpayer-Funded Skate Park and Gym in Austin and Tomball

On Tuesday, Austinites can attend a forum on the design of a new $1.25 million BMX/skate park that was approved by voters as part of a larger bond in 2006. Meanwhile, the town of Tomball is considering spending $4 to $12 million in taxpayer funds on a sports arena, which would have many features provided by private gyms like Liftetime Fitness at no cost to taxpayers.

DFW Could Be on Fast Track to Higher Taxes

A Dallas Morning News editorial today indicates that proposals for new taxes to fund rail expansion have gone beyond the 1 cent sales tax increase to include a bevy of additional options, such as significant increases in the fuel tax and vehicle registration fee, as well as a “new resident impact fee” that would add $100 to the vehicle registration fee for each new North Texas resident.

Tyroch the Taxer

Temple’s taxpayers must be looking forward to a Tyroch-free city council, with attendant possibility of lower taxes. But the rest of us still have cause for worry. As a member of the city council, she raised taxes and grew spending repeatedly, and unnecessarily. Any guesses what she’ll do in the Legislature if she wins next month’s special election?

Button-Babble: ‘Best Solutions Not In My Mind’

If nothing else, the House District 112 run-off race may prove to be entertaining. Conservative leader Randy Dunning is facing moderate-to-liberal Angie Button. And, it seems, Angie is hard at work demonstrating why she isn’t qualified for the post.

Which Delwin Jones Is This?

There must be are two men named Delwin Jones. One campaigns in Lubbock as a conservative. The other legislates in Austin like a liberal.

Reading, Writing & Spending

Austin school trustees have been up to their favorite extracurricular activity: spending your money. Next month voters will be asked to approve a $345 million bond package according to the Austin American Statesman.