Taxpayers Deserve to be Paid Back

Corpus Christi's KRIS television reported this week that the Nueces County Hospital District is asking tpayitbackhe Legislature to pass a bill that will allow them to recover money on behalf of taxpayers when those who receive "indigent" care later receive an insurance settlement windfall for that same care. The District estimates that it loses about a half million dollars every year as a result of this phenomenon.

Governor promotes taxpayer protection

AUSTIN, Texas – In his State of the State Address, Texas Governor Rick Perry today proposed a strong new constitutional protection for the state’s taxpayers. The measure would limit the growth in state spending to a rolling, three-year average of inflation and population growth.

The president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Michael Quinn Sullivan, praised the proposal.

“Gov. Perry is putting the needs of working Texas taxpayers ahead of bureaucracy. By restricting the growth in government to maintaining the costs of current services, the legislature will be forced to live within the taxpayers’ means,” said Sullivan.

Extreme Property Taxes Cause Texas to Lead Nation in Home Foreclosures – Breaking the Backs and Dreams of Ordinary Texans

In case anyone tforeclosehought the revolt against skyrocketing property taxes is just coming from mostly white middle class suburbs, the Brownsville Herald carries a powerful staff editorial today denouncing the recent seizure of 250 local homes and businesses because owners could not afford to pay their property taxes. The article notes that, in addition to the city and county, taxpayers are on the hook for two school districts and a navigation district, among other taxing authorities.

Sprinting To A New Tax

My Sprint cellphone bill arrived today, featuring a brand new fee: The Texas Margin Fee Reimbursement. This is Sprint's attempt to make visible the new business tax implemented by the Texas Legislature last sprint. Some in the legislature are crying foul, but Sprint has the nerve to do what lawmakers usually don't — admit that business taxes are borne by people, not business. Most other businesses won't put the burden of the tax on the bill — but you and I are still paying for it.

Governor’s budget proposals will promote accountability, transparency

AUSTIN, Texas – Gov. Rick Perry today proposed four key budget reforms designed to promote fiscal responsibility.

Michael Quinn Sullivan, president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, praised the proposals, saying they shine more sunlight on the state’s finances.

“These proposals set the tone for good budget policy and sound government. They promote higher levels of accountability and transparency,” said Sullivan. “Texas’ hard-working families deserve honest bookkeeping from the state legislature. Since we foot the bill, taxpayers should be allowed to review all the expenses to know our money is being spent wisely.”

Who in Austin is Concerned About Taxpayers? Who Won’t Mention Them?

A central purmilkedpose of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is to give taxpayers a voice in Austin in the face of the powerful forces that lobby for more spending. Is there a way to determine whether fiscally conservative organizations or groups that advocate more government have greater concern for taxpayers?

You Can Vote Today to Return the Surplus

In a matter of mohbjnths, your legislator will hopefully, after hearing from you, vote to return the surplus to taxpayers. However, you can vote today in an online poll sponsored by the Houston Business Journal which asks respondents how the Texas surplus should be allocated.