Volume and Mass
Volume and Mass

Depending on your perspective, campaigns either try to convert political volume into a mass of support through messaging, or use the volume of messaging to conceal their lack of mass.

Who Are The Idiots?
Who Are The Idiots?

Whatever bad things one has to say about school boards are more appropriately directed at the citizens who elect them… or ignore them.

Remembering the Horror
Remembering the Horror

The Holocaust reminds us that when one abandons God and His precepts, when one looks to government as the savior, a cult of death and destruction is but a step away.


America the Exceptional

The left wants to destroy America by convincing us we’re common. We’re not. And we never have been.

A Lasting Impact

Culture pushes us to rate our value by the number of likes and retweets we get from our most recent hot-take. We hope that by “going viral” we will be remembered. It’s not real.

Overturning Tables

The fake Jesus of the modern age is a virtue-signaling tool of the elite, urging obedience to the whims of the self-anointed intelligentsia. The real Jesus drove them out with a whip.

No Greater Love …

We have allowed Memorial Day to devolve into a long weekend of mattress sales and cook-outs.

Responding to Lackluster Effort

Incumbents pretend voters’ only option is to replace bad Republicans with worse Democrats, but that isn’t the only choice.

Not Enough Fear

Too many politicians have too little fear of their voters and taxpayers. Instead, they fear the bureaucrats, the lobbyists, and their colleagues. That must change.

Faithfully Fighting

Our calling isn’t to be successful the way the world defines it, but to be faithful.

Cancel Culture Isn’t New

The ruling elite have always sought to use their power to silence those who would disrupt the status quo.

Serving Our Masters

When we want to pray for our nation’s leaders, we should first and foremost be praying for each other.


Always Vigilant

Always Vigilant

We must with joy accept the awesome responsibility of self-governance!