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11.9.2023: Educating illegal aliens costs Texans $7 billion annually

11.9.2023: Educating illegal aliens costs Texans $7 billion annually

Illegal Aliens Cost Texans $7 Billion Annually For Education… Educators Taught How to Defy Texas' CRT Ban… Tarrant GOP Urges Abbott to Fix Primary Elections… Houston Mayoral Race Heads to Runoff… Cleveland Voters Reject $125 Million Bond for Colony Ridge Growth…...

11.9.2023: Educating illegal aliens costs Texans $7 billion annually
9.4.2023: Judge says drag queens have a right to perform lewd shows in front of children.

Federal Judge Allows Sexually Explicit Shows Targeting Kids to Continue…
Federal Judge to Block New Law Keeping Explicit Materials Out of Texas Schools…
House Leadership Attacks Lawmaker After Exposing Obstruction in Austin…
Texas Passed Hundreds of New Laws—None Provide Significant Border Security…
Nearly 800 New Laws Go Into Effect in Texas…


The Prophet Amos Judges Texas Government – Part 3

Corruption is endemic within Texas government. On this week’s Liberty Cafe, Bill uses Amos 5 to help us understand how Texas government is full of politicians “who afflict the righteous, who take a bribe, and turn aside the needy in the gate.”

Harris County Election Failure

Jane Nelson and the secretary of state’s office is under fire this week from Harris County Judge candidate Alex Mealer and many local Republicans who are furious that the county’s election audit is not taking place.


Who Really Owns Your Property?

Who Really Owns Your Property?

Tim Hardin from Texans For Fiscal Responsibility lays out a plan for eliminating property taxes in Texas. It’s not something that would happen overnight, but it is definitely possible. The big question is: Will the public servants in our state Capitol have the will?