This year, “all-ages” or “kid-friendly” drag shows exploded in Texas. While “all-ages” drag events have been held in the past, they weren’t a consistent issue until the June drag show at the Mr. Misster bar in Dallas jump-started a slew of similar shows. Now, disturbing and increasingly vulgar drag shows are popping up throughout the state. However, they are not unopposed.

The Kickoff Event

Early in June, Dallas gay bar Mr. Misster played host to the first hypersexual “all-ages” drag show in Texas, which they advertised with the slogan “Drag Your Kids to Pride.”

The show featured men dressed in lingerie and typical women’s stripper attire as they danced in front of children and grabbed their hands, walking them down the center of the bar to a sign that read “It’s not going to lick itself.” Once the children were directly in front of the sign, they were directed to stand, dance, or walk around.

Parents and other event-goers also gave little children in the audience dollar bills to hand to the scantily dressed men, strip-club style. Occasionally, the children even stuffed the money into the men’s underwear while audience members cheered and laughed.

At the end of the show, the bar announced plans to host a second “Drag Your Kids to Pride” event as soon as possible. However, because the event was heavily protested and negatively publicized, the second event never took place.

Mr. Misster’s “Drag Your Kids to Pride” achieved one thing: opening the door to “all-ages” drag shows in Texas, meant to groom, pervert, and sexualize children.

The Following Events

Following Mr. Misster’s drag event, “child-friendly” drag events skyrocketed throughout the state. From restaurants to libraries and even churches, events increased weekly. While these events were advertised as “family-friendly,” they were far from it.

Restaurants and bars throughout the state opened their doors for drag brunches, claiming they were “family friendly” or appropriate for “all ages” to encourage children to attend. The children in attendance were often brought by single moms or groups of women, with not a single dad in sight.

The adult guests would force-feed dollar bills to the children for them to hand to the perverted men, who would then shove the bills into their faux breasts or lingerie. At a drag brunch in Plano this fall, performers handed out self-pleasure toys to the crowd, giving graphic instructions for use directly in front of a little girl in attendance.

Drag events are even hosted by “churches” throughout the state. One church, First Christian Church of Katy, frequently welcomes children to “drag bingo,” where the children are provided with access to a secret “cross-dressing” boutique. Here, gender-confused children can get clothes designated for the opposite sex without parental knowledge.

Grace Avenue United Methodist Church in Frisco, Texas, has begun hosting city-wide, “family-friendly” drag parties where men parade around in lewd women’s clothing in front of children. LGBTQ+ propaganda is made available at booths throughout the venue.

Libraries and bookstores are also opening their doors to drag events for children. A common practice throughout the state is to host “drag queen story hours” for children, where men dressed as women read aloud books that tend to promote woke propaganda and perverted sex and gender concepts.

Drag shows for children have also occurred at city-sponsored events. During a drag event hosted by the annual Austin City Limits festival, men wearing booty shorts and crop tops gave little girls detailed instructions on how to twerk just like them.

Over the last few weeks, a Christmas-themed “all-ages” drag show toured the state. The performances were highly sexualized and incredibly graphic, as men wearing lingerie and BDSM costumes simulated sex and danced pornographically in front of children.

Drag Supporters

Throughout the year, various companies, groups, and churches have been exposed as being supporters of “all-ages” drag shows.

This summer, Texas Scorecard  revealed that H-E-B’s Charles Butt actively supports the LGBTQ+ movement and has even sponsored drag queen shows for children. After this news was widely reported, H-E-B quietly scrubbed evidence of Butt’s support from their website.

Roughhouse Brewing in Central Texas and Elon Musk’s SpaceX have also sponsored “all-ages” drag shows. Shortly after the SpaceX event, videos were leaked showing performer “Harlot Hussy” dancing sensually directly in front of children. Despite the outcry and demand for answers, SpaceX and Elon Musk have so far remained silent on their sponsorship.

Not to be left out, Travis Park Church in San Antonio, Texas, joined the antifa-affiliated John Brown Gun Club to counter-protest at an “all-ages” drag show for children in San Antonio this December.

Protests and Counter Protests

As “all-ages” drag shows have increased, so have the protests. Opponents and supporters alike routinely show up at these events to promote their message. Antifa members and affiliates of the group have brought weapons and firearms to provide security for drag events, while pro-family child-supporting groups peacefully protest the sexualization and grooming of children.

Hamburger Mary’s, a restaurant in Houston that is known for hosting “family-friendly” drag events, attracted protestors and counter-protestors from across the state at a drag show this summer.

The protestors were led by a group called Protect Texas Kids, which has gained notoriety for its opposition to drag shows and events aiming to sexualize children. Counter-protestors chanted that drag shows are “harmless and innocent” and screamed profanities at the group, denouncing them as “Christian fascists” and bigots while sporting signs saying “Hail Satan” and “God is Gay.” Antifa and the John Brown Gun Club have also been present at multiple drag events, armed with AR-15s and pride flags.

However, antifa affiliates are not the only groups at these events with guns. Texas Freedom Force has attended multiple events to protest peacefully, but they are armed with guns in the case of escalation.

Alongside TITFF, Protect Texas Kids, Defend Our Kids Texas, and Texas Family Project have protested, exposed, and even shut down drag events for children.

A San Antonio drag show venue had been planning on hosting drag shows for children throughout the month of December; however, thanks to exposure from independent journalist Tayler Hansen and Defend Our Kids Texas of the first show, the venue closed its doors for “all-ages” drag events for the rest of the month.

Following exposure from Defend Our Kids Texas, Protect Texas Kids, and Texas Family Project, Austin-area bar The Little Darlin’ canceled a drag queen story hour they had promoted as part of their “Children’s Christmas Party.”

For much of the past year, Texas Family Project has gained support from parents and activists across the state by fighting to protect children from being sexually preyed upon by full-grown, mentally disturbed men.

Texas Family Project President Chris Hopper told Texas Scorecard, “One thing is for sure: Texas parents are waking up. They are waking up to the fact that corrupt politicians are not the answer to the culture war happening here within the borders of the greatest state in the country! We have seen that both the right wing and the left wing belong to the same bird; unfortunately, it is not the eagle, but rather the vulture. Corrupt power brokers are ruling and reigning, and that’s a condemnation to House Republicans who lie to their constituents and genuflect at the altar of leftist ideologies.”

“Enough is enough!” Hopper continued.

At the grassroots level, parents are waking up in droves and saying, “Not on my watch!” Conservative groups are popping up across the landscape of our dear state in response to the irresponsible behavior of elected leaders. Texas Family Project is fighting and will continue to fight to be the tip of the spear in this war. TFP is busy exposing drag shows for kids, highlighting the access of puberty blockers to minors, and identifying dangerous, vulgar books in our public school libraries. We have seen victory after victory this year, but this gives us reason to fiercely continue instead of taking a break. Something is brewing in Texas, and know this: It is at a grassroots level, and no elected official will be able to ignore it.

What Is Being Done to Put a Stop to Drag for Children

Earlier this year, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced that he would be launching an investigation into Dallas gay bar Mr. Misster for their “all-ages” drag event this summer. After months of waiting to hear from Hegar on his investigation into unpaid “sexual business” taxes, Hegar booted the investigation to the Legislature.

However, grassroots organizations and activists aren’t waiting for politicians to solve this problem. During the 2022 Republican Party of Texas convention, delegates demonstrated their resolve to bring these events to an end, selecting “Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids” as one of the Texas GOP’s eight legislative priorities for the upcoming session.

Lawmakers have also promised to curtail these “all-ages” drag shows. Ahead of the upcoming legislative session in January, Republican State Reps. Jared Patterson (R–Frisco) and Matt Shaheen (R–Plano) have already filed companion measures that would “define any commercial enterprise as a sexually oriented business if it hosts a drag event.”

Texas Scorecard will continue to cover this story as lawmakers meet in Austin next month for the 88th Legislative Session, which begins January 10.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.