With early voting beginning in the Republican primary election on Monday, February 14, Texas Scorecard asked Texas House candidates in some of the biggest matchups across the state a series of key questions to help voters make up their minds before heading to the polls.

To see the responses, click on the districts below.

House District 1 Responses
George Lavender
Ray Null 

House District 5 Responses
Dewey Collier
Cole Hefner 

House District 11 Responses
Greg Caldwell
Travis Clary
Rachel Hale
Mark Williams

House District 17 Responses
Jen Bezner
Stan Gerdes
Paul Pape
Tom Glass
Trey Rutledge

House District 19 Responses
Justin Berry
Nubia Devine
Perla Hoplins
Ellen Troxclair

House District 23 Responses
Patrick Gurski
Abel Longoria
Gina Smith
Terri Wilson 

House District 31 Responses
Alen Berlanga
Ryan Guillen
Mike Monreal
Alena Berlanga

House District 33 Responses
Justin Holland
Dennis London
Scott Lamarca

House District 60 Responses
Kit Marshall
Mike Olcott
Glenn Rogers
Lucas Turner

House District 62 Responses
Shelley Luther
Reggie Smith 

House District 64 Responses
Andy Hopper
Lynn Stucky

House District 73 Responses
Carrie Isaac
George Green
Barron Casteel

House District 91 Responses
David Silvey  
Stephanie Klick
Anthony Reed
Benjamin Damico
David Lowe

House District 93 Responses
Nate Schatzline
Cary Moon
Laura Hill

House District 98 Responses
Mitchell Ryan
Giovanni Capriglione                                                                                                                  

House District 127 Responses
Deanna Robertson
Charles Cunningham

House District 138 Responses
Lacey Hull
Josh Flynn
Christine Kalmbach

House District 150 Responses
Valoree Swanson
Valerie McGilvrey  
Debbie Riddle
Bryan Le

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