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Rein In Spending

Leaders of 11 conservative organizations say it is inexcusable for Texas House budget writers to consider using the state’s rainy day fund rather than reduce spending.

By |February 1, 2017
TFR: Don Zimmerman for Austin City Council, District 6

Now more than ever, Texans need pro-taxpayer officials to stand against government growth and bureaucratic overreach. To that end, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is proud to endorse Councilmember Don Zimmerman for reelection to Austin City Council, District 6. “Don Zimmerman has consistently fought for taxpayers and responsibility, despite great pressure from the Austin bureaucracy and […]

By |September 27, 2016
Letters to the Editor, Week of August 15

In this week’s mailbag, we hear about taxpayers getting gouged, out of control HOAs, and obstruction in Hill County! Editor’s note: Each week we publish commentary from our subscribers. Commentary may be edited according to community standards.  Coppell ISD: Unnecessarily Gouging Taxpayers I believe that the proposed CISD tax rate will unnecessarily gouge taxpayers. The CISD tax […]

By |August 18, 2016
Letters to the Editor, Week of August 1

In this week’s mailbag, a response to last week’s article by Michael Quinn Sullivan: Not Your Kids, and concern over county budgets. Editor’s note: We publish commentary from our subscribers on a regular basis. Commentary may be edited according to community standards. From 1960-1962, 14,000+ unaccompanied children left Cuba for the U.S.A. in what was called “Operation Pedro Pan” […]

By |August 6, 2016