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Straus Facts #2: Joe Straus Kills Ethics Plan, Attacks 1st Amendment

In his State of the State Address, Gov. Abbott declared ethics reform for legislators to be one of his “emergency items.” The Texas Senate responded, passing a bold plan that would have put the brakes on legislators working as lobbyists, and forced officials to disclose their contracts with government entities. [small_image_no_border alt=”Straus Facts #2″ caption=”Download […]

By |January 23, 2016
TFR Endorses Laura Nodolf for Midland County District Attorney

Voters often overlook District Attorney races. However, the DA’s role in local government and the effect they have on public safety is profound. The position carries great influence and is charged with oversight of the judicial arm of county government. That is why Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has endorsed Laura Nodolf for the position of […]

By |January 23, 2016
TFR Endorses Grace Jones in Midland County Commissioner Race

With Texas having the second highest per capita debt in the nation, taxpayers are looking to local government for greater fiscal restraint, transparency, and government accountability. With those principles in mind, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has endorsed Grace Jones for Midland County Commissioner Precinct 1. “Despite her sweet demeanor, Grace Jones is not afraid to […]

By |January 23, 2016
Federal Yellow (Texas Minute)

Everyone likes to complain about government waste, but too often nothing gets done. When Phil Wilson took over as the head of the Texas Department of Transportation a few years back, he asked employees where they could save money. The surprising answer saved big money.

By |January 22, 2016
TFR: Biedermann in HD 73

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has endorsed Kyle Biedermann in the race for Texas House District 73. “Kyle Biedermann is a principled, commonsense conservative who will fight for taxpayers in the Texas House,” said TFR’s president, Michael Quinn Sullivan. “Kyle Biedermann is the kind of reform-minded conservative Texans want in public office. He can be counted […]

By |January 21, 2016
Straus Facts #1: Joe Straus Rewards Labor Unions

A report from the National Institute for Money in State Politics revealed that Texas House Speaker Joe Straus was the second biggest recipient of campaign contributions from public employee labor unions in the entire state. [small_image_no_border alt=”Straus Facts #1″ caption=”Download the Empower Texans PAC mailer“]https://www.empowertexans.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/straus-1.png[/small_image_no_border]He is one of only two Republicans in the top ten […]

By |January 21, 2016
How Republican Is Texas? (Texas Minute)

Everyone talks about Texas being a Republican state, but just how Republican is it? Texas’ state Republican convention is home to the second largest political convention in the world – second only to the meeting of the communist party in China.

By |January 21, 2016
Tax-Funded Lobbying (Texas Minute)

A major obstacle blocking pro-taxpayer reforms are local politicians, bureaucrats and the lobbyists they hire with your money. More than half of registered lobbyists in Austin are hired to represent government-interests. That means taxpayers are forced to subsidize governments who fight against the taxpayers!

By |January 20, 2016