On Saturday July 16, Texas Democrats—including congressional members, state lawmakers, and organization leaders—sent a letter to the White House requesting the Biden administration do everything in their power to circumvent Texas’ laws against abortion.

In their letter, the group demanded that Biden declare a public health emergency to protect doctors and hospitals who want to provide abortions. They also asked Biden to get rid of regulations hindering abortions and reduce licensing requirements for those performing abortions, adding that Biden “should eliminate any needless regulations that hinder the international import of abortion medication.”

“The Administration should explore reducing barriers, such as onerous licensing requirements, for abortion providers in states without abortion bans that are receiving an influx of patients from Texas,” they added.

They also asked Biden to spread positive awareness of organizations that provide abortion pills across the states, and support organizations providing assistance in abortion care.

Organizations that are mission-driven, protect patients’ personal information, and dispense abortion medication remotely without asking in which state a patient resides (or regardless of the state where a patient resides), need our financial, legal, and communications support.

Furthermore, they expressed their desire to inform Americans how to receive abortion medication and to start a philanthropically funded federal program to “dispense medication abortion.”

“We believe federal providers would not need to be licensed in Texas to perform telemedicine from out-of-state,” the group said, adding, “These providers could be further protected by the Administration’s declaration of a public health emergency.” The group of Democrats proposed this as a solution for those unable to travel out of state for their abortions.

Finally, they called for protection of those in or outside of Texas who might be prosecuted for the murder of unborn children, as lawsuits have already taken place on the issue.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi responded, telling Texas Scorecard, “Texas Democrats’ contempt for state law continues to be on full display. Republicans should not give them any power during the legislative session and seek to strengthen our laws from unconstitutional federal overreach.”

Meanwhile, Biden has already begun to push back against states that have previously outlawed abortion.

The executive order directs agencies to inform medical providers about when and how they are required to share private information. Biden also advised the Federal Trade Commission to establish an interagency task force to coordinate federal efforts to protect abortion access.

Listed below are those who signed the document.

ACLU of Texas
The AFIYA Center
Deeds Not Words
Fund Texas Choice
Jane’s Due Process
Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Texas
Progress Texas
Texas Freedom Network
Whole Woman’s Health
Whole Woman’s Health Alliance

U.S. Rep. Al Green, Texas Congressional District 9
U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar, Texas Congressional District 16
U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Congressional District 18
U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, Texas Congressional District 20
U.S. Rep. Sylvia Garcia, Texas Congressional District 29
U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey, Texas Congressional District 33
U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, Texas Congressional District 35, 37
Michelle Vallejo, Democratic nominee for Texas Congressional District 15
Hon. Jasmine Crockett, Democratic nominee for Texas Congressional District 30
Hon. Greg Casar, Democratic nominee for Texas Congressional District 35

Gilberto Hinojosa, Party Chair of the Texas Democratic Party

Texas Sen. Carol Alvarado, Houston (SD-06)
Texas Sen. Beverly Powell, Burleson (SD-10)
Texas Sen. Sarah Eckhardt, Austin (SD-14)
Texas Sen. John Whitmire, Houston (SD-15)
Texas Sen. Nathan Johnson, Dallas (SD-16)
Texas Sen. Roland Gutierrez, San Antonio (SD-19)
Texas Sen. Judith Zaffirini, Laredo (SD-21)
Texas Sen. José Menéndez, San Antonio (SD-26)
Texas Sen. César Blanco, El Paso (SD-29)

Hon. Wendy Davis, former state senator; Founder of Deeds Not Words & Defend The Frontline

Texas Rep. Alex Dominguez, Brownsville (HD-37)
Texas Rep. Erin Zwiener, Driftwood (HD-45)
Texas Rep. Vikki Goodwin, Austin (HD-47)
Texas Rep. Donna Howard, Austin (HD-48)
Texas Rep. Gina Hinojosa, Austin (HD-49)
Texas Rep. Celia Israel, Austin (HD-50)
Texas Rep. James Talarico, Round Rock (HD-52)
Texas Rep. Mary González, Clint (HD-75)
Texas Rep. Claudia Ordaz Perez, El Paso (HD-76)
Texas Rep. Lina Ortega, El Paso (HD-77)
Texas Rep. Chris Turner, Grand Prairie (HD-101)
Texas Rep. Rafael Anchía, Dallas (HD-103)
Texas Rep. Julie Johnson, Farmers Branch (HD-115)
Texas Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, San Antonio (HD-116)
Texas Rep. Diego Bernal, San Antonio (HD-123)
Texas Rep. Jon Rosenthal, Houston (HD-135)
Texas Rep. John Bucy III, Austin (HD-136)
Texas Rep. Gene Wu, Houston (HD-137)
Texas Rep. Jarvis Johnson, Houston (HD-139)
Texas Rep. Senfronia Thompson, Houston (HD-141)
Texas Rep. Ana Hernandez, Houston (HD-143)
Texas Rep. Christina Morales, Houston (HD-145)
Texas Rep. Shawn Thierry, Houston (HD-146)
Lulu Flores, Democratic nominee for Texas House District 5

Jake Peterson

Jake Peterson is a journalism fellow for Texas Scorecard. During high school he competed in speech and debate and now works to teach the unbiased truth, and expose corruption.